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When Jefferson Marine Towing (JMT) decided they needed training for their towboat crews, they turned to Maritime Compliance International. We set up a quarterly routine of inspections to ensure compliance, training to correct any deficiencies and drills to ensure the appropriate predictable response in an emergency. As it turns out JMT did have a fire on board and was able to put the fire out quickly, and save the vessel without out any injury to the crew. The captain of the vessel attributed their excellent response to the many drills which had been practiced with Maritime Compliance International. See JMT letter for more details (PDF)

Regulatory Dispute Resolution

A client received a deficiency report from the local Coast Guard command which would have cost the company nearly $100,000.00 per year to comply with. The client sought a second opinion from Maritime Compliance International. We did the regulatory research on the issue and found that the determination made by local Coast Guard personnel was incorrect. We received clarification from Coast Guard headquarters that our interpretation and application were correct, and we were ultimately able to convince the local command that the client was in full compliance and all deficiencies and requirements were rescinded.


When an industry group needed advanced maritime security training for their members they were directed to Maritime Compliance International. We identified their specific needs and presented a Facility Security Officer Advanced training for the membership at the annual conference. The majority of the membership, despite having been in their security officer position for many years, claimed that most of the information they received at this training session was previously unknown to them. They found the training extremely beneficial and many changes were subsequently made to their facility security procedures and training programs.


When a client was having trouble with his ISM implementation he turned to Maritime Compliance International. We reviewed his ISM manual as part of an internal audit and found that most of the content was not applicable to the vessel, and therefore the crew had disregarded it since they realized they could never comply with it. We sat down with the crew, outlined every process on the vessel and rewrote the manual tailoring it specifically to that vessel. Following the ABS audit, the new manual and the company received high praised and all deficiencies were cleared. The crew now finds the ISM system to be much more user friendly and maintains it quite well.

Litigation Consultation / Coast Guard Civil Hearings

Following a routine Coast Guard boarding a client received a civil penalty of $6,000.00 because the certificate of inspection (COI) was not signed off as having the annual Coast Guard inspection completed. The client thought for sure it had been done and turned to Maritime Compliance International for help. Following our investigation and subsequent hearing with the Coast Guard hearing officer, we were able to produce evidence which convinced the hearing officer that the annual inspection had been completed and that the Coast Guard inspector probably just forgot to sign the COI. All fines were rescinded, and our client’s excellent reputation was cleared.


Bayou Fleet success story

View success story (PDF)

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