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Bringing a vessel into certification can be very costly if done so without being armed with the proper information. All aspects of the vessel and its intended operations must be examined, and all aspects must be considered including if the vessel is eligible for U.S. trade, eligible for your intended route, plans, scantlings, manning requirements, operating restrictions, amount of passengers or cargo based on stability, and specific Captain of the Port requirements which differ from port to port.


“Kevin Gilheany is an experienced and well seasoned marine consultant. I have been working in the marine business for the past forty years. I have owned a marine business and I have never felt more confident in recommending and individual company for consultation than Maritime Compliance International, owned and managed by Kevin Gilheany. Keep up the good works Mr. Gilheany.”Jefferson Marine Towing, Inc.

If you have a vessel that you are considering obtaining a Certificate of Inspection (COI) for, whether it is new construction or an existing vessel, we can provide all the necessary services to get your COI, at the least expense, by getting it right the first time.

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  • Regulatory Compliance Surveys
  • Certificate of Inspection (COI) Preparation
  • Port State Control Exam Preparation
  • Representation During Coast Guard Inspection for Vessels and Facilities

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